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How does it feel to have an airborne allergy? It is a mind effing experience. Since you need to be okay with yourself and people hurting you. And how much you can accomplish is determined by people’s willingness to accommodate your allergy. Like why am I only looking for a masters program that is online since I cannot go to a class? I know it wouldn’t be beneficial to my money if I am having flare ups when I am taking a test with no diagnoses to be part of the disability that would do stuff to accommodate me. Even though not being diagnosed doesn’t mean you don’t have [insert illness here]. Nickel is found in most and even all (depending if they are legal enough to take to a lab) smoking products but most doctors I’ve seen need to be educated about this. So it’s going to be a long journey trying to find one who can help me. So let’s begin in understanding how a mad airborne allergic woman feels about their airborne allergy.


I don’t belong to me, I belong to you and everyone I encounter, You are my organs, my health and well-being, You are my savior or my devil, You control my social interactions, physical outcome, financial stability and housing.

Yea you, I am not my own, I am everyone else’s. And when people realize that. They hold so deeply to their fixations. It be a spray of a perfume, a puff of smoke or even a nutty snack they cannot give up.

You will send me through hell and ask me why I am trying so hard to survive. When your survival mechanisms are materialistic weapons to my immune system.

I will never be my own, I will only move as far as you want me to, be as rich as you care for me to be, and be as healthy as you feel is more important than that spray of perfume, a puff of smoke, or your nutty snack.

See the very thing your finding hard to give up. Is hypocritical to demand me to give up my will to survive. So you are my survival and neither you or I can change that. The fate is set, the reality is met and its up to you to find me suitable to work, socialize, eat, drink, shower or even live.

I am not my own


Diary of a Mad Allergic Woman. Lately, I have been hearing a common theme of questions, Why do you eat that when you know you are allergic to it? #nickelychallenged #nickelallergy #allergy #Soyallergy #onionintolerance #onionallergy #specialdiets #peanutallergy #sesameallergy #cornallergy #lactoseallergy #lactoseallergy #nutallergy #foodallergy

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I come to you today, MAD. Mad at the situation that my health and body have put me in and mad that I cannot avoid the things that hinder my health. I strive every day to be good, to stay on the path of health and prosperity. But when that achievement includes isolation and restrictions, then Sir it might be a little hard to achieve it.

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Until next time, stay safe!

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