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Wait, what? There is another type of nickel allergy. Systemic nickel allergy syndrome is usually self-diagnosed unless you are in Italy most doctors think a nickel allergy is just a rash. So here are some of the symptoms a nickel allergy can present in your daily life if you are not successful limiting it.

But before that let us peruse where nickel can be found and if you have already read my other blogs post, you can skip this.

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Systemic nickel allergy syndrome (SNAS) is characterized by contact dermatitis associated with systemic symptoms after ingestion of foods containing nickel. – World Allergy Organization Journal

  • contact dermatitis

  • pompholyx

  • hand dermatitis dyshidrosis

  • urticaria – hives

  • headache

  • asthenia – abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy.

  • itching

  • gastrointestinal disorders related to histopathological alterations of gastrointestinal mucosa, borderline with celiac disease


In rare cases, a nickel allergy can also lead to respiratory problems, including: Mostly if you are inhaling nickel like factory smoke, dust, and smoke (ie cigarette smoke or any other smoking product)

  • Runny Nose

  • Nasal Inflammation

  • Asthma

  • Sneezing


Patients with contact dermatitis to nickel, gastrointestinal symptoms, and urticaria must be investigated about the ingestion of foods containing nickel. – World Allergy Organization Journal

So here you have it. It also causes muscle aches, but I digress. Yours truly has experienced almost all of these symptoms, but nerve pains take the cake. Mer! Hopefully, we can figure those out soon. Let say smoking of any kind or touching smokes leaves me in so much pain. I sanitize everything.

But till next time

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5 thoughts on “Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome

  1. charles h

    Hi Was just diagnosed Nickel Allergic. Trying to figure out foods and how to eliminate nickel from my life. Problem is my allergist is -to put it nice- uninspired. How do I find one that really know about nickel allergies and can provide more support and information. I’ve researched on line but there so much and so much of it is vague. appreciate your insights

    1. Barbara Post author

      Unfortunately this allergy is very isolating. And the diet is unique to you. So you will need to experiment yourself. My doctor who diagnosed me wasn’t helpful at all. So finding one that is, is hard. Maybe try joking the Facebook nickel allergy group and see what others are trying and find what is the best option for you. This allergy is by an individual bases and what works for me will not work for you. Sorry I wasn’t helpful and doctors aren’t that helpful either.

      1. djsolomon2012

        hi Thank you for your posts and this page . What I would like to know is why do these researchers in Italy say you can be desensitized ? My allergist tried and I got really sick – I wrote to the Melissa foundation and they said that it’s very dangerous, do you know anything about procedure? thanks djs

        1. Barbara Post author

          I know about the procedures I think it doesn’t work for everyone. I know for me it will also make me sick. But I know they do a rotation diet on top of using nickel to build your immune system. It takes 3 years though. For right now I am way too sensitive to try it.

  2. djsolomon2012

    Hi and thanks for the reply . I am wondering why it is that only one place in Italy has published successful studies . Do you know where this desensitization is being done – is it in the US ? I exchanged emails with one of the docs in Italy who is on the one study, he told me i had to bring a translator with me … for weeks or months… totally not possible and very strange.


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