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Before reading this it might not make any sense. 

 Sometimes, I don’t understand how it is allowed or there is no law making things accountable to all human beings. To put in a harsher term it is racism, point blank period. To not have makeup that doesn’t cover all melanin. So I hope this is conveyed in the way I want it to be presented even though some people who don’t understand the struggles of being mocha chocolate. I battled so hard to find a makeup that won’t give me a dizzy spell let alone fainting spells on top of a rash. Again, nickel is a numbers game and sometimes you need to reduce it so much so that, only touching door knobs and washing your hands are the only high amount of nickel you can get. Epic Mineral Beauty was a draw of luck since it isn’t advertised as nickel free but the ingredients are nickel free. So makeup became so detrimental to my health and not wearing it isn’t an option, since my hyperpigmentation isn’t representable.

To add to my debate, of reducing the makeup company world to just melanin production but if it was revered to the hair salon company world I don’t think you would see it fit. If a salon only advertised their services due to keratin production meaning only people with shorter hair can be served it would be an outrage. I am so confused that this isn’t an outrage let alone when it comes to catering to people with allergies. Making it seem like only lighter complexions only have a nickel allergy.

@nichallenged and @allergyheroes Multiple or other allergy superhero girl button #nickelallergy #nickelfree

Multiple or other allergy superhero girl button

@nichallenged OtterBox will protect you from your phone if you have a metal allergy


@nichallenged Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner

Apple Cider Vinegar

@nichallenged Que Bella Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask Nickel Free Face Mask

Que Bella Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask

Skintifique Cleanser Lotion P

Cleanser P

Trader Joe's Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion

Skintifique Protective Cream HPS

Protective Cream HPS

@nichallenged and @AbleandAware A nickel free foundation "sincere" #nickelallergy #nickelfree

Epic Mineral Beauty "SINCERE" FOUNDATION

@nichallenged niceeshop(TM) Soft Silicon Temperature Sensitive Long Lasting Electric Heated Eyelash Curler #nickelfree #nickelallergy

niceeshop(TM) Soft Silicone Heated Eyelash Curler

@nichallenged Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Topical Solution nickelfree toothpaste #nickelallergy #nickelfree

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Topical Solution

@nichallenged Eucalyptus Oil a toothpaste and face oil #nickelfree #nickellalergy

Eucalyptus Oil

@nichallenged and @nonickel Nickel Alert Detect to find out what metals have nickel @nickelallergy #nickelfree

NoNickel Nickel Alert Detect

@nichallenged Joolanda 6mm Stainless Steel Clay Diamond Stud Earrings Suit, Hypoallergenic, Nickel-free, Lead-free( Contains Silver Clean Cloth 1 Piece) #nickelfree #nickelallergy

Joolanda Diamond Stud Earrings

*Sold Out*

Till next month:

Try some nickel free products.

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4 thoughts on “October Nickel Free Favorites – Face Edition

  1. Maribeth

    Great info, thank you for sharing. I never heard of a few products you mentioned. It would be awesome if you started a nickle free make up line for all the colors of the skin rainbow or for darker skin women. Make up in general needs more skin color foundations.
    Thank you again for sharing

    1. Barbara Post author

      You are welcome. Awareness is key. Hopefully, if you try the products they work for you. Well hopefully there will be an opportunity for me to start my own make up line but for now, I am on the hunt. I actually found nickel tested make-up that ship to the U.S. and will be reviewing them soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Charlene

    Hi, I was wondering, I have a nickel allergy but have also been advised to avoid iron oxides too as nickel can be released from them, I’ve always thought this was extreme but unfortunately my skin feels differently! There’s only one brand on the planet that’s Is iron oxide free which is 100% pure do you have any recommendations? Thanks!!

    1. Barbara Post author

      Thanks for asking. I have no idea what complexion you are. I have just searched for my complexion and they use cocoa bean which is so high in nickel. I’ll email them and see if they have done nickel or metal testing for their make-up and I’ll go from there. I’ll update you when I get an answer. Meanwhile what were you trying to get so I can go through the ingredients with you.


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