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HAPPY LABOR DAY you guys. Hope you are enjoying the work free day and I thoroughly apologize to anyone who has to work today. So, I was very reluctant about writing this week’s Nickely Challenged Stories because this story is on the more depressing side. I also didn’t want to put anyone on blast but I am going to be 100% honest about the story and how I felt about it.

So, in my Nickely Challenged Etiquette series I told you about 4 Ways to Reach your Destination Allergy Free, well, there is more to that story. As I mastered my way through the air with Ethiopian Airlines without betraying my body, I reached Kenya. In my stay, I enjoyed the differences between different cultures, mannerisms, and aesthetics. In my time there, I needed to put on my Kenyan thinking hat. I couldn’t be outspoken as I always am, I needed to be censored at all times, and for those who know me this is daunting task for me.

So, in Kenya since there are guidelines on how to talk to elders.

Every time we went to other people’s house there would be food presented.

If you have been or exposed to third world cultures refusing this food is like spitting in someone’s face.

So, for me it was such a difficult task to decline politely without telling them about my allergy. Since, I was never in the same age range as the hosts, I needed my mother to tell the host why I didn’t want to eat their food. Sometimes my mom “forgot” to tell them and I felt like I looked like a brat who didn’t want to eat their Kenyan food.My commitment to stick to my diet no matter what was later challenged in Christmas. I had no idea why my parents were more uncomfortable with my allergy, than I was. I feel like it was because it seems like I was tainting their reputation.

I am not saying that only third world countries care about reputations but they do depend on it a lot. Sometimes just as much as breathing air.

Nickely Challenged Stories: Outcasted ‪#‎nickelychallenged‬ ‪#‎nickelallergy‬ ‪#‎outcasted‬ ‪#‎christmasfail‬ ‪#‎allergy‬

Anyway, to top it off, my dad wanted me to get off my diet when we were going to cucu (grandmother) for Christmas. Till this day, I have no idea what his rational was. He seemed so upset I was even diagnosed with this allergy in the first place. He even cursed the doctor. I believe he forgot, I was suffering with the allergy even before the diagnoses. I would be so sick all the time and would have rashes covering my whole body that were so painful.It pains me to say that this is a true event and most of my relatives do not even know about my nickel allergy, unless they come here and read about it, and if they know, it is the watered down version. In all, ended up going to my cucu’s (grandmother) without cheating on my diet and even took a picture on the equator. But that day that I had to defend my health in tears will live with me forever. I hope this story resonates with other people suffering with allergies that make it difficult for themselves and their families to handle. In the end, you were made the right way no matter what people think. I sometimes cannot remember not having this allergy, it is a part of me, each and every day.


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      Thanks for your support, it means a lot. I think it was more of a shock reaction. Like, “my daughter will be scrutinized from this allergy” because it impacts my whole life and the lives of others. It was the first time, I stayed with them since I started the nickel free diet and I think they didn’t know how to handle it. They were only in the US for the two month I started my diet and we never involved anyone. It didn’t impact them till I had to go to Kenya, and had to interact with other people. But I can tell you, I don’t think they would ever act like that ever again. They are very understanding now. I wrote this to make people aware that they are not alone and for parents or friends to be aware that this isn’t an acceptable way to act.


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