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Maybe I’m using the word etiquette too loosely. This Nickely Challenged Etiquette Post is about how you conduct yourself when you fly. I had to do this as successfully as I could 3 years ago. I had no manual to help me endure the 22 hour flight from DC to Kenya. I was in my diet religiously, this is when I had self-control. I hadn’t eaten out or outside my Nickel Free Diet for about 6 months and I was going strong. I wasn’t going to let this hurdle get me of my track. Here are the 4 ways to reach your destination allergy free:

1st: Inform the airlines

I had to look for an airline that would let me carry food in the airplane. Most of the airlines were very rude and inconsiderate. I called almost 5 airlines and Ethiopian Airlines was the only considerate airline that didn’t laugh in my face.

I soon discovered that you didn’t need to tell the airlines about your food allergy you just needed to get through the security check points.

2nd: No liquids

In order to get through the security check points you need to pack food in your carry on that is liquid free. That is the #1 rule for you not to go hungry, since there is strict food regulations. Lastly, bring a doctor’s note. Even though they allow food through the security check points some of the security check points make a fuse. I only had an altercation when I was going internationally. If it is domestic in the U.S. they are fine with it. You do not even have to mention it.

3rd: No sharp objects

Let me make this clear NO SHARP OBJECTS. I was flying to New York and I had my ceramic knife in my carry on which got confiscated. It was a sad moment for that poor knife. They also were very strict with my wooden knife. I had no idea why because it wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Anyway, it is safe to say no knives of any sort just get plastic ones in the plane.

4th: Carry aluminum lunch box

Lastly, carry aluminum lunch boxes. I think this only applies overseas when you have really long flights. When I got to my airplane I told the flight attendant to put my food in the fridge and warm it up for me when it was time for lunch. She was so confused on how she was going to warm it.

So, airplanes do not have microwaves, they have ovens. So little aluminum boxes would help. Domestic flight are always so short and you do not really need to refrigerate things.

So, I ended up munching on some cold food for the rest of the 22 hours.

P.S. If all else fails cry, which always seems to work. Here is my other Nickely Challenged Etiquette: Eating Out that might help you out. So, you can try to navigate your life as elegantly nickel free as possible.
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