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FINE QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL FLATWARE is comprised of 18% chromium and 10% nickel but what if you have a nickel allergy? Chromium resists stains, rust, corrosion and is a strong solid metal in its own right. The nickel content adds to the strength of the product.

Chromium, or chrome, is a tough white metal, used in stainless steel and other alloys, because of how hard it is and its stain-resistant properties

Nickel is a corrosion-resistant silvery-white metal, often used for its shine to coat other metals

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  • Brilliant luster

  • Rust-resistant material

  • Durable construction

  • Easy to maintain



  • Soft shine

  • Zero nickel content

  • Economical design

  • Prone to staining

Even though this is all fine and dandy. There are reviews that don’t reflect the Nickely Challenged excitement. I was so happy coming across this article and thought that there was hope of going out to eat without getting sick. Apparently there are 18/0 stainless steel cookware, I didn’t know if their review is this bad. In other words, this needs further investigation.

Rapid rusting is not limited just to Oneida’s 18/0 flatware sets — zero nickel content flatware from all brands is not only more prone to rust, but it is also of a far less quality than 18/8 and 18/10 flatware that contains nickel, and natural, rust-resistant material that also prolongs the “shine” factor of flatware.

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Even though the reviews are sort of terrible. Stainless steel silverware is a win for me. I hope all of you will join me in the investigation of this product. I will buy mine next week and will review it in a month. Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts, concerns and opinion about this product.

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Thank You for stopping by, it is much appreciated.I am neurotically Nickely Challenged😫, food lover 🍱, social rock🙍, & trying to navigate this adult life as nickel free as possible😓 I would love to hear what you thought about the post, so comment below.
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7 thoughts on “New Set of Stainless Steel: 18/0 No Nickel

  1. Marisha Compton

    I have been using heavy duty plastic silver wear and glass pots and pans. If I happen to have to use metal which is rare my mouth breaks out with in hours or contact. And it doesn’t habe to be the cutlery. It can be anything from carry containers to pots and pans. I’ve had the allergy from age 1 and I’m about fed up with it at the age of 27.. I just want to have a normal life.

    1. Barbara Post author

      Are you only allergic to nickel? Girl, I definitely feel you on that. All I can say is that you are not alone. I can only use 18/0 utensils or plastic utensils other than that my lips will blister. I cannot eat out or drink tap water so yeah I know the struggle. Hang in there. I think what keeps us going is finding commonalities in people and knowing that this is the new normal. This is my normal as well.

  2. Marisha Compton

    Yes it is a very severe allergy. To the point if I have a high nickel diet I become allergic to myself. I have to constantly watch what I eat/touch. Highest containing nickel in food is chocolate then green vegetables. Its hard enough having to know what not to touch or use but to have to watch what I eat its exhausting.

    1. Barbara Post author

      You sound like me. Mer! It makes me sad. And trust me I am exhausted too. I had a meltdown yesterday since my nickel allergy is so bad that I am really allergic to smokers. So the chair in my friend’s house I cannot sit on and if he sits on it he has to take a shower before touching me since his sister smoked in the house and contaminated a lot of the things in the house. They couldn’t do any more than they did but the couches get super affected and need t be shampooed before I can sit in it. Trust me it gets worsts be grateful it’s not airborne, or I think it isn’t airborne, and the measures you are taking are for you. Be happy you are strong enough to keep dealing with it day in and day out. Stay tune and join our nickel allergy facebook group for more of a community because you are not the only one dealing with this.


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