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Even my wishlist knows how broke I am everything is under $69. Here is my Black Friday Nickel Free Jewelry Wish List.  Also, I wanted to make myself feel better, since I will not be participating this Black Friday but for those who will, here are some things I would have gotten. Enjoy it for the both of us!


Faceted Earring

Faceted Earring #nickelfree #nickelallergy

$65.00 USD

Metallah Earrings

Metallah #Earrings #nickelfree

$20.00 USD

Personally own

Emerald Green Earring

Titanium Emerald Green Swarovski Crystal #Earring #nickelfree

$14.50 USD

20% any order with coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2016

Interstellar Earrings

Interstellar Earrings #nickelfree

$20.00 USD

Personally own

If none of these were your cup of tea low nickel tea. Then check out my other Etsy favorites.


So till next time,

Stay glamorous and nickel free!

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